December 31st, 2007


My first poll, New Year's Eve, all that good stuff.

I'm having a dilemma about what to post next. Help me decide!

Fill out memes (fandom and/or end-of-year)
Quit stalling and post your 3 completed reviews
Wait until you can do at least one paired review (ex. 2 eps of CSI: Miami and/or both parts of Warrick's Emo Week)
Any of the above
I'm going to write about everything eventually, but I can't decide if it would look nicer to throw them out as I complete them or make some attempt at themed consolidation, as currently I've got ep 11 of CSI: Miami and America's Most Smartest Model (part 1) done, or mostly done anyway (I keep obsessively editing - who does that with their personal blog entries?), with AMSM part 2 and CSI's "Cockroaches" in rough cut format (a/k/a "discussion jumping-off points jotted in Notepad while watching").  I have finally managed to acquire everything, though; that's a relief. 

I am still faintly broken over Robin Hood, although at least it doesn't quite rank in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Incident category of awful.  (I'm thinking about creating a glossary of terms to help people understand this site, but that one refers to Remus & Tonks being perfect and having everything happen that I ever wanted to happen with them...and then PAGE SIX-SIXTY.  Still hurts to think about it).  Also, I happened upon a 1-click download of the entire 2-hour finale, so I couldn't stop myself from collecting it.  Am toying with the idea of watching the ending with my own two eyes - because maybe I'll turn out to be a historical-canon shipper, and it will be bittersweet instead of just bitter? - but am also thinking that maybe I should just let the horrible event stay locked up in my imagination, on the theory that if I didn't see it, it didn't happen.   What to do, what to do...avoid the situation by getting off the computer, YES! 

I spent today baking chocolate chip cookies (...not trying to drown my sorrows in comfort food, really; prepping/mixing batter/switching trays/cleaning up/keeping tabs on the dog requires lots of focused energy and leaves little time for thinking), doing dishes and laundry, picking up my room, and playing an unholy number of games of Farkle.

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