January 12th, 2008


Books, TV, and complaining, not necessarily in that order.

Explain to me how My Name is Earl and 30 Rock managed to have new episodes last night, and yet The Office curled up and died within two weeks of the strike's opening.  EXPLAIN!  And don't tell me it's because they had supersized episodes, because I thought they were planning for like 30 this year.

In related news, I would like to mention something I wrote in September while viewing season 3's Christmas episode for the first time: *weeps in corner*  I miss the teapot Christmas.  Can Christmas 2007 be full of snuggly Puppy Love?  *looks up hopefully through tears*

Writers, please remember that at least 45% of the reason I am not on your side is that you deprived me of Puppy Love Christmas.
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This space should contain my thoughts on Grey's Anatomy, but I'm afraid they are not coherent yet because I got distracted writing something for my other blog, and then I decided what the hell - I spent this long on it, I might as well cross-post.  So here ya go. 

I was playing on The Daily Meme, and while in the pursuit of a fun set of questions to answer, I instead decided to fixate on just one, and expand it: Do you have any books you read every year/often?

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