January 13th, 2008


I am now COMPLETELY caught up on TV!

That's right: as of this posting, I have at least 36 glorious hours before anything new rolls across the grid.  Although come to think of it, it might take me that long to recover given that these two physically and emotionally wore me out.  

To begin with...Grey's Anatomy.  4x11, "Lay Your Hands on Me."  How 'bout that one, huh?  Last episode of the year.  I think, in the spirit of not doing this again for a while, we should close our year with a rantview. 

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Luckily, after that crazy and largely unpleasant mess, we get to slide into Friday's gold.  I spent the 8:00 hour bouncing back and forth between Friday Night Lights and Moonlight, during the small portions of time before and after my brother insisted on watching PBS, where I learned that it's a good thing I only get these shows in small doses because otherwise I would explode from glee over everything I want to talk about (by which I mostly mean Coach!  And Riggins!  And Mick!  Also some story arcs).  Someday we're going to have a talk about the confused new feelings I'm having for these shows.  But not now, because now is Charlie time.

Numb3rs, 4x11, "Breaking Point"

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Goody, that's done.  Now I get to go do laundry, walk the dog one more time, fetch things scattered throughout the house and stored on the computer, PACK, compile shopping lists, and otherwise force myself to realize I'm going back to school in about twelve hours.  :(