February 3rd, 2008


Something close to love.

Over the course of  what's left of tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday, I have to do about 5 hours of French homework, substantially revise my essay (and then revise it again by the end of the week), write a short essay for Music, write a 5-page Shakespeare paper, and finish a take-home exam for Miserable Class of Death.  Maybe seeing it all written out like that will convince me just how serious this situation is, and why I should perhaps have accomplished more this weekend than outlining the paper and answering half the exam questions. 

Nevertheless, I whittled away most of my Saturday night, in the absence of my roommate, comfortably stretched out on the bed and devouring three more episodes.  And then more-or-less rewatched them tonight so I could collect all my thoughts.  

[Edit: Feck, my LJ cuts have gone stupid again.  They're too much of a pain to fix when one uses the Rich Text editor as I do, so just know that 1.07 is included at the beginning of the second cut.]

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P.S. Fic recs, please.  *holds out hands expectantly* Anything featuring Rose and Ninth or Tenth Doctor will do.