February 18th, 2008


Stop spoiling yourself, Self.

First, through no fault of my own - I swear I was looking for something different - Google decided to link me up  to an LJ page where some cruel person had made a list of all the s.3 episodes and noted the Rose references/appearance in them.  Insatiable curiosity caused me to flick through the first half before I realized "WAUGH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"  Waiting for the Rose moments is like, the only thing that's going to convince me to keep slogging through The Martha Year.  If I find out what & where they are in advance, I'll just write the whole thing off.

Then one thing led to another and now I'm inquisitively ferreting out the spoilers for s.4, which has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever done considering where I am in the watching of the series.  To be fair, I'm not seeking all the spoilers, really, just as the ones as they pertain to
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I really need to shut up and do my due-tomorrow French homework now, because I just found out that a 3-page paper I thought was due next week is actually due tomorrow.  And I have to read the play first.  And it's "Death and the Maiden," which doesn't mean much to me except that it's for Miserable Class of Death, which means I fully expect it to be an exercise in torture.  (Also, being sick sucks.  The sore throat's almost gone, but now I'm going through more Kleenex than I've neeeded in the year to date, and a cough has settled in.) 

That's right, it's Spam...Monday.

Normally I assault my Xanga readers with a series of homework-procrastinatey posts like this (and by 'series' I mean 'more than 1 in an evening, but less than 4'), but it's much less fun when they've never heard of Doctor Who.  So I'm bringing the spam over here.  

6:00 PM: I...have no idea how that happened!  One minute I was on Babelfish double-checking my prepositions, and the next I was on YouTube and had officially watched the last 9 minutes of Doomsday.  Nothing I didn't already know, but at the same time, I can't believe I finally let myself crack.  And naturally, said clip has reduced me to tears.

6:20 PM: Oh, crap...you know what comes after Television Wthout Pity's recaps?  Spy's Recaps.  Literally, perfect sequential order; she picks up where TWoP leaves off.  

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 6:54: And that's the story of how I wasted an hour getting myself accustomed to the idea of season 3 despite having barely started watching season 2.