March 8th, 2008


Reality show discussion.

Oh my GOD. Did you *see* the American Idol results recap at TWoP? I know the show was short on content (despite taking up an hour), but the guy spends most of his 3 pages on this deep psychoanalysis of American attitudes and traditions with respect to music and/or homosexuality, and it is just the weirdest thing ever. It's like he took some old paper he wrote for college and inserted random sentences of recap into it. I like the deep analysis on Doctor Who, because it has a place there. But this! You cannot dissect AMERICAN IDOL like that. At least not in this kind of venue.

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Two or Three Things

A. The Sex and the City Movie
I am kind of ridiculously excited for it (and here Mom thought I wouldn't be interested!  Hah!  "Oh no, woman.  You sucked me into the show.  OBVIOUSLY you are going to take me to the movie.").  I also finally remembered that I hadn't yet watched the theatrical trailer for the movie, so...I did, and now I have some shouty thoughts on that.  Actually, first I should probably clarify where I stood on things as of the series finale:

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B. Motivational posters: you're doing it wrong
While I'm being random, have I mentioned this poster around campus, which sends me into paroxysms of glee every time I read it?

"84.6% of students report choosing at least one of these behaviors while socializing:
-Alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks
-Choosing not to drink at all
-Avoiding drinking games
-Having a designated driver"

This is apparently supposed to be inspirational and/or something to be proud of, which: HEEHEEHEE HAW HAW HAW!  *slaps knee*  I LOVE how "avoiding drinking games" is clearly on exactly the same plane as "not drinking at all."  Then there's the part of how there's still 15% of the student body that doesn't practice at least one of these behaviors, scary, because it's not like they're all that restrictive.  I mean, these are pretty broad categories of responsibility here.  

They used to have an equally amusing poster about how 70-some percent of students chose not to drink on Thursday night, but it doesn't seem to be around this year.  Either that statistic became even less impressive, or too many people injured themselves when they fell down laughing upon reading it.

C. Darfur
After measuring the two inconveniences against one another, I decided that dragging myself to the other campus in the middle of an otherwise unoccupied Saturday afternoon was better than attending a 2:40 class on the day before spring break.  Purpose: watch the 2005 documentary "Darfur Diaries" for Miserable Class of Death, with the result that if we write a 2-page reaction paper, we can skip class on Friday without losing participation points.  Now, of course, I have to actually figure out some stuff to say about it.  Maybe if I start typing it in the LJ window...   [Edit: OMG THAT ACTUALLY WORKED.  Done in under an hour.  Awesome.]