March 11th, 2008


There is a (not so) clever reference in this post. Can you find it?

*pummels essay* BE MORE INTERESTING, DAMN IT.  I know I have a good topic, I just can't seem to organize it well and/or make it solidly compelling.  Like one of my group members commented, "Pretty and remniscient, but lacks spark.  We need adventure!"

I may or may not have had Idol on the background earlier this evening.  If I did, I was paying close to zero attention.  As a result, all I really remember is that when I ignore everything about Carly except her performances I think she is my favorite, the secret gay affair of Ryan & Simon seemed to be playing in especially bold territory (will require further examination for specifics later), and all of the songs tonight were disappointingly boring except for "Eleanor Rigby," which was so thoroughly ruined by virtue of being sung by Porky Pig that I refused to listen to it at all.  Oh, and Brooke continued to prove that she is adorable but dumb, as she said "previously to" instead of "prior to," which is one of my all-time pet peeves.

I swear, it was necessary for my mental health, and I at least did homework simultaneously.  Anyway, on a break from fighting with prose, I'm going to go play MEMES & SURVEYS!  

Meme: LJ Obsession (if you've not taken it yet, go do so. I wish to compare my results).

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Survey: Sleeping Habits

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