March 18th, 2008


Monday night TV

It is so strange, writing about only one night's worth of shows in one post, and doing so the day after they air...

Looks like the first post-strike show out of the gate is How I Met Your Mother (which: come on, Office!  Why can't you get your acts together this fast?  You even had a script waiting!), beating CSI: Miami by a week.  Not sure I'm ready to dive back into the whirlwind of new stuff; I was liking the 5 shows a week...especially when I dropped it down to 4 after Law & Order insisted on blazing through new episodes for like 10 weeks straight without a pause.  I burned out.  This is why we run September-May and don't do uninterrupted strings of new episodes all at once, LOST and BRITISH TV. Nevertheless, write-ups from yesterday:

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LJ Tagging Questions:
1. How do you delete tags so that they completely disappear from your list, instead of just saying "0 uses"? 
2. Is there a way to simultaneously change a tag on every post on which it appears?  For example, automatically replacing "tv" with "episode review"?

Er, about that planned LJ strike...

(Warning!  Potentially flammable content ahead.)

Further on my need to be contrary, I'm not going to do it.

My initial reaction to the removal of basic accounts was "OMG HOW DARE YOU BASTARDS," mostly because I hate change and I don't understand why sites always have to add new content and new features (see also: Neopets) on a continual basis.  Can't they just stick with what they've got?  It seemed to be working just fine.  I find that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a good cover to use for my hatred of change.  But even when I was agreeing with public opinion, I wasn't really.  Everyone else claimed that the problem wasn't with them removing basic accounts, but with the fact that they did it without telling anyone. 

What?  Um, no, if I'm going to get mad, it'll be because they took away the option of free accounts without ads.  Who cares if they did it sneakily or not?  To be perfectly honest, I think "a person is smart.  People are dumb, stupid, panicky animals" and it was probably smarter to try and sneak this under the radar so as not to cause mass hysteria and revolt (which...happened anyway, but only because some people insisted upon turning it into a public announcement).  That's what I would have done.  I mean, if my flist hadn't erupted in outrage, I wouldn't have known about it, and would have remained blissfully ignorant.   This obsession people have with knowing the whole truth, I do not understand it.  Anyway, um, the point is: LJ is misbehavin' and needs to knock it off.

And then everyone decided that we should stage a 1-day mini protest and not blog or post comments on Friday, to which my initial reaction was "HAHAHA LOL NO."  I am thoroughly addicted to blogging and will not deliberately keep myself away for even 24 hours.  Besides, it's not going to change anything.  I know that you know that, and are merely trying to call a tiny bit of attention to the situation in ways that make you feel big and important, but it's silly and pointless.  And deep down, I'm very fond of businesses coming up with ways to maximize profits and manage their customers, so subconsciously I'm probably on LJ's side.  (though, I usually am, as I was when it came to censorship and things - part of this strike involves some hullaballoo about interests/search terms being censored now.  Unless and until such a thing has a direct and negative effect on me, I don't care)

That, and I tire of all this grandstanding and "I'm going to Greatest Journal if this keeps up!"  Nobody's actually done it in a permanent manner yet, but come on.  Don't talk about disrupting my happy little blog world and making me run all over the internet to find you.  Stop with the self-righteous protesting and...suck it up?  As long as LJ hosts my personal entries, gives me at least six icons and doesn't force me to pay a red cent, it's doing all right by me.
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