March 21st, 2008


This is my angry face.

American Idol Results
*digs nails into wood*

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Lost: 4x8, "Meet Kevin Johnson"
Hey, remember when they said someone was going to die this week, and I started freaking out and worrying that they were going to whack Jin?  Let's discuss that.

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Oh God, I only have 3 days of break left.  So much homework to do...haven't even an aside, I'm rather cheerful about the fact that we're less than hour into Boycott LJ Day, and I've already got a post.  *snickers evilly*

Doctor Who returns! this journal.

I. Possibly rhetorical question: why, exactly, are the Doctor Who DVDs such pricey suckers?  I got my CSI: Miami DVDs for $30-40 apiece.  Best Buy routinely finds ways to sell shows for $20.  Yet DW refuses to budge below $60 no matter where I look on the internet.  Considering the number of episodes, they had better be *jam packed* with extras. 

II. ...ARGH.  I can't do it!  I cannot get beyond the 75% mark in the "My Immortal" video. I can safely say that it is the greatest Doctor/Rose video ever created (and oh so chock full of spoilers, especially since I think I was only up to 2x1 when I first watched it...bad Self!  yet completely worth it), but it is so profoundly heartbreaking that after the first few times I watched it...I get to the beginning of the song's climax and I am completely overwhelmed and have to slap the pause button, which I never actually get around to un-pausing so much as restarting.  I don't understand.  I thought I killed this song with overplay in 2004, but now it has this whole second (or, well, possibly third, because the song tells a story unto itself even before my end-of-high-school projections onto it) layer of meaning and starts putting lumps in my throat.  Yep, I start wavering at the 3 minute mark, and I'm lucky to make it to 3:10 before I'm out. 

Also, as I listen to this for the 500th time, it suddenly occurs to me that the version I've had on my computer for years is a much simpler arrangement, just her voice on piano with strings in the background.  No synthesizer or drum set or whatever else makes it so much more emphatic in the video, as I believe it was on the radio.  Huh.  I cannot believe I never realized that. 

Hm, I really want to devote an entire essay to the million and two things I love about this video, but I also really want to get in a second post on Strike Day, so I may have to bring this up again later.  For now, let's move on to the last thing which in no way took me all evening to write when I meant to be reading Shakespeare.

III. Episode Reviews 2x5/2x6: "Rise of the Cybermen"/"Age of Steel"

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