March 22nd, 2008


The Idiot's Lantern

It is such a good thing I troll LJ for episode reviews whenever I go to start writing mine, because look what I've got for you!  A piece of required reading to bridge the emotional gap between the tears of "Age of Steel" and the bright-n-shiny happiness of this episode: Three Days

Rose spends three days wandering the flat in a daze, eating ice cream straight from the container, and lying on her bed staring up at the ceiling.  . . .   She wonders if Mum’s lonely, living life alone in this flat. And now she doesn’t even have Mickey.   The Doctor’s taken that away from her, too.

Plus this little snippet I want to pull out for commentary -
“We had fun, didn’t we?” he says, tilting his head back slightly to look at her. “Just you and me.”
He doesn’t have to add what she’s thinking. Before Sarah Jane. Reinette. Mickey. It’s felt different with the Doctor, this last little while.
(which, wow, I hadn't quite connected all the dots in my head...but no wonder The Season of Magic feels like it flies by so quickly.  We've had other people mucking up the magic for four episodes straight) 

And now that you've read that story, you can read my meta ramblings on
2x7, "The Idiot's Lantern"
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