March 26th, 2008



I haven't watched any Monday TV yet, since I was busy driving back to school during prime time.  I have managed to avoid all spoilers so far, which isn't easy when the internet is exploding with discussion about Britney Spears on HIMYM and everyone on LJ is talking about CSI: Miami.  I honestly don't know how I've resisted all your posts so far.

American Idol!
Pre-show blather:

-Look, it's the cast of Til Death!  (or at least the good half of it).  I must admit to a certain fondness for that show.  It's the only entertaining comedy I've seen on FOX since Malcolm in the Middle folded.  Not a legendary series by any means, but good for some pre or post-Idol entertainment and/or when nothing better is on.  Jeff and Steph continue to be pale and bland imitations of characters, but Eddie & Joy consistently bring the funny.

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P.S. O Wise, Clever, and Musically Gifted Flist?  I seek the following songs and wonder if you might be able to help:
Raining Jane - Wyoming Sky
Tori Amos - Butterfly

Since I'm too stubborn to either lock this post or make a new one just for the music requests, I shall delete any posted songs after I collect them.  So if you have comments on Idol in addition to a song, post twice.

The Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit

A. My Shakespeare prof just bought a house on a street called Hamlet. In the town of Avon. Greatest thing ever, y/y?  I was really tempted to save that tidbit of knowledge for my post on 3x2, but who knows when I'll get there, and right now it's fresh in my mind so I'm sharing. 

B. I fetched myself the radio version of "My Immortal," and um...what does it say about me, exactly, that my brain fills in the sound of the Doctor & Rose's screams at the high point, and the TARDIS's whoosh at the end?  Not that it stops me listening.  God, this piece is brilliant.  I'm sorry I killed it with overplay and went multiple years without listening to it, because it's really a masterpiece of a song.  (now just watch, I'll end up killing it again)

C. I was looking at TV Squad's Big Damn List of Post-Strike Show Returns, and I fell out of my chair in shock when I saw that one of them was "The Sarah Jane Adventures."  Bzuh?! see, I was somehow under the impression that her show had been around back when she was a companion, somewhere in the 70's.  I thought it was long dead and buried.  I had no idea it was a brand-new spinoff circa 2007.  Why are you not all watching/discussing it?  Is it strangely horrible or something?  Because, I mean, from the title alone it sounds 16,000 times better than Torchwood, and I shall be checking it out just as soon as time and my progression through the original series permit.  Which at this rate should be early July, but at least it's a goal.

D. Speaking of returns, Doctor Who is somehow starting again in less than 2 weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  THIS IS NOT ENOUGH TIME AT ALL.  I'm torn between wanting to blaze through the rest of the series and catch up, for the American premiere if not the British one, and wanting to continue plodding on my slow and steady path, hopefully dragging out my entry into season 4 so that I don't have to wait when I don't want to.  The odds are about 99 : 1 that I will choose the latter option, but it's a pity that I'm going to miss my only real chance to fandom squee with everyone else.  Maybe I'll try to time it so that I swing into the current era about halfway through the season. 

D. And now, actual content promised in the title!

2x8/2x9, The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

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