March 29th, 2008


Music, Monday night dramas, and belated birthday wishes.

Okay, maybe *some* other music exists in my world now...I've gotten my hands on the second half of the Doctor Who soundtrack and added it to the playlist, and am pretty much in love with it, especially the "Face of Boe" and "Doomsday" themes, and the previously mentioned motif disguised in the "Lone Dalek" track.  I am also frustrated with "Love Don't Roam," because the lyrics had SO MUCH POTENTIAL on paper, and then...then it burst into my ears in a horrid jazzy swing tune.  The level at which I loathe jazz music is off the charts*.  I am further annoyed by the fact that I'm starting to find it catchy and, dare I say, danceable.  *rolls eyes and sighs in disgust* 

* = Before I get hate comments for not liking jazz, understand that I have tried to like it.  I have gone to countless concerts because my friends/most favorite people in band were always in jazz band, and they all adored it more than the regular one.  One of my best profs ever devoted a segment of his course to jazz history because it's his area of expertise.  I wanted to share their enthusiasm.  This has consistently proven impossible.

And now to round off the week's reviews:

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Voice: AHEM!  I interrupt this broadcast to demand acknowledgement of my birthday, which was yesterday and which YOU COMPLETELY FAILED TO POST ABOUT.
RS: I was busy sleeping off the week's insomnia.  Would you like to talk about it now?
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