March 30th, 2008


Love and Monsters

Done in running commentary mode, because otherwise my review would only be a paragraph, padded with lots of swearing.

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I just realized I've powered through half a dozen episodes in 8 days.  GEEZE, SELF, slow it down!  You only have one more episode, and then it's heartbreak and then (for all practical intents and purposes) IT'S OVER!

Voice: Are you fetching the next episode?!
RS: I think I am.
V: You incorrigible savage.
RS: I love how I thought that phrase sounded familiar (in an awesome way), so I Googled it to jog my memory and's my own writing.  *facepalm*


So, I may have been ferreting out spoilers for series 4, and I may have wound up on message boards clicking through pictures, and I may have been as vaguely unimpressed by them all as I was with the new season trailer, one particular shot of the Doctor's face (which will probably disappoint me in context) not withstanding, and then...THEN I SAW THIS PICTURE.
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I'm not addicted. I can stop any time I want.


For content in my honest-to-God paper journal, I was reviewing Bilie Piper's CD one track at a time, and in doing so I was reading Amazon reviews in similar format, because you know me - I can't have an opinion on media without combing through ten other people's along the way. Then I read something about her having a song on a Pokemon soundtrack, and I yelped and went zooming off to check the tracklist.

So I own the Pokemon the Movie soundtrack.  Shut up.  Anyway, the CD always amused me with the sheer number of big-name pop artists on it, people whose music I would never buy - if I'd even heard of them - but which I enjoyed having in a compilation as guilty-pleasure dance mix.  And now, now I discover that the old "Makin' My Way (Any Way That I Can)" by "Billie" WAS HER?!  OH MY GOD, THIS IS AWESOME AND FREAKY.  

And I'm doubly ticked that that CD is one of the ones I always leave at home.  Especially since my parents just came up seven hours ago to drop off my beloved Bearlioz and a couple of other things.  If I'd only known 7 hours earlier, I could have had them bring it!  I want to hear this song again!  (on the bright side, yes, I'm very happy Bearlioz is safe in my arms again.  *squishes*  I have nice parents.  Nice parents who even took me out for pizza.  This all kind of made up for my sucky birthday.)  And, well, okay I suppose I could just stream it on Imeem like I'm doing now.  *grins hugely*   I don't even think this was one of my favorite songs back then, but it was fairly catchy and I always liked it well enough.  And now it just - thrills me!  Billie Piper!  Anime fandom days!  "And if the river's too wide I'll get through it..."

Probably this is not as exciting to anyone else as it is to me, but it's a weird and fairly amazing coincidence to realize that I actually discovered this artist like seven years ago, and yet had no idea.  Anyway.  I'm feeling so gleeful about this discovery that, well, I think I need to have another poll to let off some of this energy.  It's not nearly as interesting a poll as last time, but I feel it might be sort of useful for actual information-gathering purposes.
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