April 6th, 2008



*desperately needs distraction from new series of Who* Oh!  That's right, the episode whose review-writing has set some kind of record for difficulty in finishing.  Dammit, I will get this done!  [and I did.   It took 5 straight hours of sitting in this chair, on top of what I'd already attempted to start earlier in the week, but dammit it's done, and it is thoroughClearly I do not have a 5-page Shakespeare paper due on Tuesday, or anything.]

2x11, "Fear Her"

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Well, now I need pep pills like whoa.  So...HAHAHA, so, in spectacular coincidence (I didn't ask for it!  I swear!), someone just uploaded the Pokemon soundtrack, and naturally I'm now listening to the whole CD.  I always liked Britney slightly more than Christina, as she was less slutty, so the fact that they have back-to-back tracks on this CD makes me giggle.  What also makes me giggle is that "We're a Miracle" = yawn, and "Soda Pop" = bouncy glee!  Watch it fizz and pop...the clock is ticking and we can't stop.

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CSI: Miami - 6x15, "Ambush"

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My Dove chocolate wrapper says "Test your limits and keep going."  Since I take my candy very seriously, I will heed its advice and push right into part 2 without giving myself any pause to recover in between. 

6x16, "All In"

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