April 7th, 2008



Woohoo!  My MP3 player's been sitting uselessly in a drawer for months, because halfway through the addition of a playlist it had an error and thereafter refused to let me add music.  Getting really sick of the same 3 dozen songs and unable to figure out how to fix it, I gave it up for lost.  Then today, I hit the internet with renewed determination to get answers, and turns out it was as simple as hitting the "format" option in Windows Media Player.  Yay, now I can play music when I'm not at the computer!  ...which is admittedly a very small percentage of my day, but still.

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Once upon a time, in February 2007, there aired 2 surprisingly brilliant CSI: Miami epsides called No Man's Land and Man Down, respectively, and I immediately started working on a post-ep called "Clockwork Silence."  Some 14 months later, having poked at it every 2 or 3 months on a regular basis to make only miniscule progress, the third installment of it is finally done.   (and technically speaking, I'm three days shy of putting a year between the publishing of chapters 1 and 3) 

I don't know if there's going to be a part four.  There was originally; it was going to go back to Horatio and mirror the first chapter in structure for"Man Down," but after all this time I still haven't really gotten a feel for how to write it.  And yet there are some 350 words of viable material, some sentences of which I really quite adore, and would hate to abandon.  Dilemmas, dilemmas. 

Title: Clockwork Silence, chapter 3 
Rating: K+...maybe
Characters: Ryan, Calleigh, Alexx, Natalia
Word count: 1140, in 4 sections
Excerpt summary: His nails are short and rough in contrast to the smooth polish of hers, with one bruised dark purple, almost black, like a stain.  She tries not to think of omens.

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In unrelated news, someone just sent me "Friday I'm in Love," and I am very happy with this piece of radio nostalgia.  They also sent me "Running up that Hill," by Placebo, which I seem to recall being important to CSI somehow.  Was it over a promo, or was it part of the episode?  It sounds vaguely familiar as I'm listening, but I'm wondering if I even have the right version...at present moment I can't tell if I'm listening to a man or a woman.  And I feel like I remembered it being much purer and/or less...growly.