April 21st, 2008


*is still in squee-induced haze*

Started writing this post on Friday morning, have worked on it in non-chronological order in spare seconds every day since then, and possibly this has led to it getting out of control, boring, and/or repetitive.  I don't know.  I do know I'm sick of editing it, but am also stubborn and have put too much effort into it to scrap now, so...much like with all the papers I've written lately, time to toss it out there as-is and move on. 

The Office: Chair Model
The following review will be split into three segments of unequal length:

I) Venting my frustration at the negativity surrounding Jim/Pam, and combatting unwanted opinions on their two major scenes with my interpretations
II) Subsequently devoting appropriate squee to those scenes
III) Reacting to the rest of the episode

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P.S. In the most impressive 180-degree turnaround of the year, from last episode to this one The Office has gone from being in danger of getting thrown on the back burner...to the show I'm whipped into the biggest season-finale frenzy over.  None of my other shows even come close to this "OMG is it time for the next episode yet???" anticipation right now.  It's even knocked Doctor Who out of its reign and reclaimed the throne at the top of my favorites list.       

Does anyone remember when I used to be all about crime drama?  The genre still makes up 50% of my fandoms, but only just.  It feels weird.
oh crap

Question for HIMYM viewers!

You know that thing I've been fearing with regards to a potential ship between two characters?  Is that the big THING that everyone's talking about for tonight's Sandcastles episode?  Because people keep talking about something BIG and SURPRISING that goes way beyond the video, and I am really kind of worried that the thing I fear has come to pass. 

I'm not going anywhere near your posts because I don't want to be spoiled for context.  I just want to know in general a) if I have to fear, and b) how much I have to fear.  So, if the answer to the first part is "yes," then...on a scale of 1-10, how disturbed am I going to be?
In unrelated news, I just have a couple of things to say about last week's episode of Cold Case:

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