May 1st, 2008


The Music of 2008 (Trimester 1)

See?  I'm breaking it up into sections this year!  Except because I am an idiot, I somehow felt that I could get away with doing it 3 times per year, rather than the way I was planning to do it monthly or quarterly, which means - that's right - the post is still too darn large to post in one increment.  Bloody hell.  So, you know the drill.  I post this one in the public eye, and you have to click the link at the bottom to get to part 2, because I'm going to backdate it rather than having 3 of my posts pop up on your flist in one night.  

Oh, and also, last year I bolded my very favorite songs...this year I just bolded them all, because I could pick out maybe 10 that had shorter reigns of awesomeness than others, but could not narrow the field beyond that.  Apologies for the random crazy font, size, and/or color changes that I am positive will show up but which I dare not attempt to fix without destroying the formatting beyond all recognition and giving myself another 2-hour headache.  

And, uh, I swear I didn’t mean to hit exactly 50!  That’s just a cool coincidence.  And I still think it is insane how fast music pours into my life, when I swear I almost never go actively looking for it.   Now without further adieu, here is the music that's been delighting my soul for the past 4 months.

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Trimester 1 continues here (rest of March, plus April).  Maybe I can convince myself to post at the beginning of August next time.  (Obsessive Self protests: but but but!  It makes so much sense to put all my summer songs together!)



My head is currently going splodey, and NOT IN A GOOD WAY as I watch Lost right now (9:11 - oh, God!  *vomits*), so I need to get last week's thoughts up because I say important stuff in there that is relevant to tonight's ep.

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I have to go...hate certain parts of 4x10 now.  It's getting increasingly hard to concentrate on the squeeful bits.  Maybe this gets better by the end of the hour?  I hope?

Edit: No, it does not.  In fact, it just keeps getting worse.  And I have to say three things about it right now that sum up my feelings/priorities/etc (yes, I'll probably repeat these thoughts in the full review) :

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