May 15th, 2008


*bounces off walls*

Office! Finale! Less than 90 minutes now! I don't know how I'm going to settle down long enough to watch the first part of the Lost finale immediately afterwards. Please, please let good things happen on Office! Please don't throw in evil wrenches to Jam happiness, and please be slightly more exciting than last year's finale, which was overly long and boring with an extremely underwhelming Jim/Pam ending. I want Casino Night proportions this time, people! CN proportions without the accompanying GWH afterwards! 

In my pure dedication to this show like no other at the moment, I have read every damn page of the MTT spoiler-speculation thread(s) for the past few weeks, which has gone wild with chatter (spoilers being few and far between, though we have managed to get most of the cold open off whatever talk show host aired it, and have gone over everything Ausiello and Kirsten have said with several fine-tooth combs) - I've followed three 68-page threads and we're on page 32 of the current one. I have so many potential ideas buzzing in my brain that I don't know if I'll feel vindicated or disappointed if/when any of them come true. 

I just really, really want it to be Office time! Right now! In lieu of that, have a Review Pile 3. I should probably stop calling them piles soon, as the quantity is shrinking while the individual length just keeps getting longer., all this stuff actually aired within the past week.  Go me!  *continues ignoring/falling further behind on older stuff*

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Why is it only 6:48!  It needs to be 8!  Can I skip forward in time, and use this useless extra hour right here for sleeping tomorrow morning?  I HAVE NOT  BEEN THIS EXCITED ABOUT A TV EPISODE IN AGES.  Must lower expectations!  Must!  Also must stop using exclamation points!  Yet cannot!  Time to hit post now.