September 3rd, 2008


I don't want to write 4 more lines in my French paper.

1. I got all nostalgic last night, and began another fruitless round of the Never-Ending Quest to rediscover "The Lost Temple of Matt Ishida." (stupid foreshadowy name!)  I even used the WAYBACK MACHINE, but all I could pull up was the "We've moved!" page, and the new link returns nothing. PEOPLE, GOD DAMN IT, I WANT MY GOTH T.K. (and other assorted hilarity) FIX RIGHT NOW.  It's been years, yeeeeeeeears, and still I miss all the fantastic twisted Digimon humor, hilariously captioned screenshots, Fluffy the cranky Tokomon, etc.  There has to be SOMEONE on the bloody internet who saved pictures.  Or one of the web pages.  SOMEONE.  SOMEONE MUST HAVE IT.  I need an actual time machine right now.  (the TARDIS would do)  And probably none of you know what I'm talking about.  But bloody hell, I have to vent sometimes. First puppy-love fandom and all.

2. Secret Life of the American Teenager.  Huh.  I feel like I've gotten kind of out of sync with the show, even though I think I only missed one episode in there (sadly enough).  As with every time I see it, I would LIKE to say that it's too stupid for me to take anymore, and yet...I keep coming back, a clear glutton for punishment.  Stupid adorable Ben.

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