September 5th, 2008


I hate England! I'm GLAD we had a revolution!

*rolls over laughing* Heeheeheeheehee, that is now my favorite Booth quote ever.  I think I'm just going to repeat it to myself at random times during the day, because I cannot stop giggling.  Sir Seeley Booth, I think I love you.  You are like 65% of the reason I watch this show.

[INSERT INTERRUPTION: Um.  For someone who didn't take any notes and could have sworn she'd forgotten how to review normal TV shows, this turned into a really long essay.  I'm sorry.  I inserted section headers for your convenience.]

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Also, my French class was awesome today, because we had it in the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library - not entirely sure why; I think we made a weak connection between women in biblical wisdom vs. their role in courtly love - and so we basically spent 2/3 of the time just looking at the gallery of pages on display from the illuminated St. John's Bible

I hadn't ever actually gone in to see it before, just because...that takes effort, and I fear going to strange new places by myself...but it's really, really amazing to view it up close.  And, OK, even I - a confirmed disliker of both religion and art in general (I find galleries dull.  Sue me) - have to admit that I have massive amounts of pride for the fact that this work of wonder is pretty much "right in our backyard."  It's unbelievable; mere photographs don't do it justice.