September 7th, 2008


I have questions! I bribe you with lolcats!

Dear Flist Which Knows All: One of those fantastic "ask me to take a picture" of memes got me on a Super Nostalgia Trip, and after a long and rambly Xanga entry, I realized that I more desperately than ever want a digital camera.  My family has never owned a digital camera, which was disappointing although not devastating since I don't really care to take pictures, but I've been feeling the itch ever since I started college.  Lately, I've been increasingly uneasy about the fact that I'm about to graduate and I won't have any good, solid, visual memories of all the places I spent my time. 

That, and I really want to join in the picspam memes.  I have so many things I want to show you all!  Views!  Fantastic old books I've bought!  My Huge Apartment of Hugeness!  (moniker adapted from Muppet)  And, well, technology scares me, but I've plunged myself into it before because my parents are clueless and my techno whiz brother is no help because he only likes things that are Top Of The Line and is always criticizing my lame satisfaction with simplicity because he can find something "better" (also more expensive).  I think I'm ready to just put my head down and make an executive purchasing decision for myself.  I'm 22 years old; it's high damn time to own this last elusive piece of modern technology! 

Thing is, I've only even used a digital camera like three times in my life.  I have absolutely no idea where to begin. 

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And now for the bribe:
Back in January, I told y'all about the most delightful toy on the internet (maybe next to the Shakespearian Insult Machine), LOLfeeds, where you can input your LJ name and get a page full of cat macros captioned with your public post titles. The results are often hilariously fitting, and so I've been saving the best ones for a while, waiting until I had enough for another post. I have enough now. Behold!

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