September 8th, 2008


Torchwood & Austen, because those topics totally go together

1. Prior to getting all distracted by school, it seems that despite having already read all the way through 1x12, I was convinced to go back and watch episode 1x10 of Torchwood. It didn’t actually take a whole lot of convincing, since I’d already been a touch tempted by the presence of people from the 1950’s. And so despite the knowledge of a sex scene that proved exactly why I prefer recaps to watching this show, I relented. And lo, it was good.

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2. Now, In School Related News:
So...Northanger Abbey. I think it may actually be my new favorite Jane Austen novel (out of the...2 I've read), but I'm still mystified by the ending. I mean, I admit that I was a little bit bored during the first 4 or 5 chapters, because if you tell me read a book, I am just inevitably going to chafe at the bit, but after that I got really into it, and by the second half I was so absorbed that I almost missed the bus. There are like 5 storylines going on at once, and they're all intensely compelling.

And then suddenly in the last 10 pages, it's FWOOSHBLAMSMACK RESOLUTION. It's like she just up and went "I'm sick of working on this; time to be done! Immediately!"  I mean, everything gets resolved, but it's so quick and zipped over that I had to go back a couple of times to make sure I wasn't missing anything. But no, that's really it.  *shakes head in bewilderment*

Am now reading Sense and Sensibility, and totally love it, for which I place at least half the credit on the 1995 film. I'm completely swept up in the story - which is good, seeing as I had to read the first volume, a/k/a 120 pages, for the next class - but it helps a lot that I have such vivid images of all the characters. It also helps that I am now old enough to appreciate Jane Austen's humor in a way I simply could not do in high school. Much as I wanted to, I couldn't really get into it. But now I keep bursting into giggles.

And a riddle:
Oh yes, we had a bonus point on our pop quiz today if we solved the following Austen riddle:

You may lie on my first on the side of the stream
And my second compose to the nymph you adore

But if, when you've none of my whole, her esteem
And affection deminish- think of her no more
("and part 2, to whom does this apply in Northanger Abbey?")

I looked at that and was pretty sure I knew the first part, but as to the rest I was completely blank.  And more blank.  And blank some more (as most of the class appeared to be).  And then all of a sudden, in the very last second, it was like OHHHHHHHH!  I AM AWESOME.  And then I could not stop being smug and grinning to myself, because there's nothing more satisfying than solving a riddle on your own.

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