September 12th, 2008


End of Days

[Executive edit: HAHA.  I wrote the first paragraph like...I think possibly the second day of September.  I've been trying to find time to finish it ever since.  SUCCESS: FINALLY REALIZED.]

Or, "Torchwood, season 1 finale!"

With 1x11 sounding like crap, pointedly skipping 1x12 for excessive slashiness, and finding myself unexpectedly at the finale…I figured, what the heck, probably I should watch it, being as it’s a finale and all, and that ties into what I was just watching on Doctor Who [or was like a fortnight ago before school crash-landed on my head]. And while it was not as good as either Small Worlds or Out of Time, it was thoroughly entertaining fare for a Saturday night spent curled up in my corner bed. Let's see if I can keep this short, since I didn't take notes while watching!Collapse )

Having mentioned Doctor Who novel "Feast of the Drowned" in the above review, it made me want about it some more and/or type another excerpt. Because this is one I actually enjoyed rather a lot. Once I got past the somewhat clumsy/unnecessary exposition that rehashes things we should already know from the series, I found this novel was perhaps the most enjoyable in terms of plot, and had just enough on the shippy side to make it worth my while.

Collapse )
P.S. I have resumed bonding with my Capstone members over the baffling incomprehensibility of this course. Even more of them than before, yay!  And today she let us go eight minutes early, if you can believe that (I still can't). Also, I'm in a very good mood now that I have Diet Pepsi and peanut butter sandwich cookies. I am not normally a fan of such cookies, but these were 99 cents because they're going "stale," which I refer to as "deliciously soft" and adore the taste of. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

I plan to enjoy the hell out of this Friday, in other words, before I have to work my one-Saturday-a-month and then write my French presentation for Monday/3-page-paper for Wednesday). HI THERE, TELEVISION!  Possibly I should finish watching Bones before I grab anything else, huh?