September 13th, 2008


3 down, 10 to go

It's been overcast and/or raining all day.  Very dull.  Clearly, the answer was to spend the afternoon wrapped up in a blanket, watching Torchwood.  (in my defense?  I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night and got up at 7:30! And worked!  And came back did dishes and laundry and picked up my room for the rest of the morning!  What homework?)

2x01, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
*blinks in astonishment* ...the hell?  When did I stop hating Owen? 

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2x02, "Sleeper"
Or, "Hey, that was quite the dull waste of time there, wasn't it?"


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2x03, "To The Last Man"
And then Torchwood unexpectedly made me cry.


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I think this show is...*shudders* growing on me.  But not in a way where I'm ready to recommend it to anyone yet.  Far from it.  If you don't currently watch it, especially if you've made a conscious decision not to watch it, I heartily applaud your sense of morals and conviction and encourage you maintain this disinterest and/or dislike.  Because that's the overwhelmingly correct attitude to have. 



Saturdays with Team Torchwood

Not quite the 'Tuesdays with Morrie' sound I was hoping for, but nevertheless a pretty good description of how I'm taking in this show.

2x04, "Meat"
Hey, no fair playing on my love of animals to make me like this one!
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2x05, "Adam"

First reaction: Oh, thank heaven it's not THAT Adam. Because in retrospect, I really hated "The Long Game" and I was worried that we might somehow be tying back to that. But nope, we're good.
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P.S. So, I've been drinking my Diet Pepsi, and at first I was just so happy to have dark carbonation back in my life that I didn't notice, but on the second bottle I started thinking that it had a kind of weird taste. I kept thinking maybe it was expired (nope) or maybe it was somehow an aftertaste combination based on what I was eating...and then I was absent-mindedly turning it around on the desk when my eyes fell on the nutrition label. 100 calories per serving/300 calories per bottle.

Me: *eyes bug out of head* F#()&%(*#%&(*#%!!!

I somehow managed to not notice I was buying regular Pepsi. FAAAAAAAIL. And ew! Now I'm stuck with 4 more bottles of the stuff. It's better than no pop at all and so I hoard it jealously, unwilling to give it away. But I still think that means I have to go back to the store tomorrow, because this? Does not taste good. And oh, how I HATE wasting calories on drinks...