September 16th, 2008


News & Letters

Good News: KERI NOBLE'S BACK!!  She's here again on campus next Wednesday!  By God, come hell or high water, we are going to see her this time.  And it will be fantastic.

Less Good News: Oh my God, I did it again.  I couldn't stomach the syrupy aftertaste of Pepsi anymore, so I went to the campus deli to buy an individual bottle of Diet Pepsi, and I managed to grab a regular one.  %(*#&%)(*#&%#!!  Apparently I can no longer distinguish between dark and light blue labels?

Dear Weather: I'm ready for you to start being cold again in a permanent-type fashion.  I'm sick of walking through giant clouds of gnats, with huge grasshoppers flying out like ambushing geurillas and wasps and hornets dive bombing me everywhere I go.  FREEZE, DAMN IT.  FREEZE AND KILL THEM ALL.

An Open Letter: *sighs* Can I just hire someone to go icon-hunting for me?  It always seems like it will be a fun prospect, but then I quickly get so bored and frustrated by the fact that I don't know where to look and/or none of them look perfect enough that I get frustrated and quit, like when I was younger and shopping for clothes.  

Because, I'm planning to go the 1-year automatic-billing route when I get a paid account, and it seems like it would be simplest to add the 100 userpics option at the same time, but my goal is to have at least 25 icons that I really want to use before I do that.  And I still don't have that many.  

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In conclusion: everyone else somehow winds up with millions of icons saved on their computer, and/or are always bemoaning their lack of icon spaces...why is it so difficult for me to just accept it as a fun thing and go crazy?!  *wistful sigh* Can I just send someone else out to go gather a bunch of icons I might like, and present them to me in one easy-access folder? 

I hate being the first to post a review...

But god knows when else I'll finish it, so out go the thoughts!

(By the way: yes, new icon!  which is an actually a former icon of mine I reluctantly kicked out during the days of 6 spaces, and forgot I had until I found it today.  Now I've only got 1 space left, and am thus further motivated to get a paid account.  Has anyone else had problems with the automatic-billing system?)

House: 5x1
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