September 18th, 2008


Half random, half review-y

1. After YEARS of being jealous of this feature on iTunes, I did some investigative work and found out you CAN, in fact, make Windows Media Player list the play count of your songs! And, well, this is going to be a considerably distorted picture because I listen to so much of my music on the MP3 player, my parents' computer, online, or on the lab computers (where the music's stored on my flash drive), that I know about this feature, I will make a concentrated effort to play more from my own computer. For now, here's the first snapshot of where the library's at with the most-played songs:
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2. Oh! I TOTALLY had no way of ever knowing this before, but I'm watching the Simpsons ep where Bob threatens to launch a nuclear missile unless TV is destroyed, and at one point they "send in the esteemed representatives of television," which inlude Krusty, Kent Brockman, Bumblebee Man, and a random character whom I now recognize as...TOM BAKER/THE DOCTOR. AWESOME!

3. Bones, 4x04, "The Finger in the Nest"
May I suggest an alternate title? Like "The Doggies in the Dirt"?

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3. Torchwood, 2x09, "Something Borrowed"

...I find that for the first time in perhaps EVER, I have almost nothing to say about an episode here.

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