September 19th, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen:

1. I don't watch Ghost Whisperer.  In fact, I loathe Ghost Whisperer and am forever furious that after stealing Joan of Arcadia's timeslot, it not only didn't keel over and die after 4 episodes like I predicted, it ultimately survived longer.  HOWEVER: I know that her husband is generally regarded as the CBS version of Medium's Joe DuBois, and so I kind of like him on principle.

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2. Torchwood, 2x10, "From Out of the Rain"
Best title yet, all dark and foreboding, to go along with its chilling episode matter.

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3. And lastly, in personal news, one girl working in the other dorm quit so my supervisor offered me her job in addition to mine, which would put me up to the full 10-12 hours per week work award, i.e. MONIES, YAY!  I don't actually know the specifics of the job, but it can't be that tough, and "MONIES, YAY!" is a pretty big draw.  As much as I don't want to give up my afternoons off (dammit, I love being done at 2:10 in the afternoon!), I want the money more, so I think I'm going to accept it. 

Did I mention I really like this perk of having jobs fall into my lap?  Why can't the real world o' work be this easy, I'd like to know.