September 23rd, 2008


Because we can't wait 2 more days:

JIM/PAM PREVIEW CLIP, YAY! (yes, it's technically called 'Michael runs after Pam,' but whatever, there is a Collapse )

Also, OMG LOOK AT THIS PUPPY. LOOK AT HIM. LKJAJSDLLKSDFJ HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING THAT SNUGGLY-LOOKING??? Enh! Nyerh! Must snorgle and cuddle! He's all SLEEPY and FLOPPY and his fur looks soooooo soft. I have never fallen so hard for a puppy picture in my life.

In a related Cute Overload note, these things are awesome and I want one made of my dog. And ohhhh, how adorable is the fourth dog down?

Monday Night TV reviews coming after class (because guess who has a Random Day Off tomorrow? This school!). Preview: HIMYM was awesome and CSIM was awesome in the sense that I am brimming over with ideas of how I can flay it to pieces. *rubs hands in glee*

I love how the post title only applies to one item. *refuses to change it*

Premiere Week Doth Begin:

Well, today was fun. Started with me being late to class because a) our bus lines are insanely long and b) I jumped out of line twice because I can't bear more than about 90 seconds of standing outside while HORNETS ARE SWOOPING AROUND EVERYWHERE, OMG, DOZENS BUZZING AND HOVERING AND WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY SO OBSESSED WITH HUMANS. 

Proceeded to have a total meltdown in French because the vaguely panicky feeling I've been trying to suppress about how I feel lost and overwhelmed by both the workload and my classmates' brilliance finally reached a head during small-group-discussion today; I hadn't read that far in the novel and as soon as they jumped into conversation about it and turned to me expectantly, I burst into tears.  The upside was that the prof kept me after class to talk about strategies for keeping up, including skipping every other page in the c and/or finding a translation and reading some of it in English, and she was very nice and understanding about it. So that helps a little.

But not as much as having tomorrow free of all obligations, plus the reward of Keri Noble. To quote the bus driver this afternoon, "There's no school tomorrow, so you know what that means: no studying tonight allowed!" I'm gonna have to take him up on that.

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CSI: Miami: 7x01, "Resurrection"
"This never ends, does it?"
"And it never will."
Fascinating - that's exactly how I feel about this show.

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Without a Trace: ...season 7 premiere.  Some title.  Don't care enough to look it up.  Plot = father of a girl who went missing 3 years ago, goes missing himself.

Did anyone else watch it? And if so, could you explain it to me? Because I tried to pay attention; I really thought I was and yet we got to the very last scene and I was like "Wait, how the f*** did that happen?" That's how boring this show has gotten! My brain actually refuses to absorb what my eyes are seeing! In further testament to how boring it is, I did not even remember Jack getting fired last season. I actually fear that if the show hadn't made a point of hammering it home with spit-up stains on her jacket, and the call about the babysitter, I might have forgotten Samantha even had a kid. As it was, I had to think long and hard about whether she'd had a boy or a girl.

And as proof of my pathetic longing for when the show was at least semi-bearable, the highlight of the episode for me was when Elena & Danny came back with coffee. They went out for coffee! And, well, arguably they were buying for the whole bullpen, but whatever! They spent a small amount of time together outside the office, just the two of them! CLEARLY SOMETHING IMPORTANT HAPPENED. Elena was in a perky enough mood to call it "our treat," after all. Maybe there was a detour for a hot makeout session in an alley on the way back. DAMN IT, I MISS MY SHIP EXISTING. Look at the wild fantasies I'm forced to concoct in its absence!

Pretty sure I didn't care about anything else that went on, except the very end.
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Right, now I'm going to go poke the internet until it gives up House & SVU.