September 24th, 2008


Hey, that's different.

I feel really lethargic and kind of "blech," like I just want to sleep, only sleeping doesn't bring relief.  I can't tell if I'm sick or just really malnourished.  By which I mean, I'm fairly certain that I am malnourished, as I haven't had fruit in a good 2 weeks because I'm not on a meal plan and there's just no convenient place to buy it, I have frozen peas/corn but I'm really missing raw vegetables like lettuce and carrots, and in general I seem to be existing mostly on caffeine, sugar, starch and carbs.  Going home this weekend cannot come soon enough. 

Now: I'm bored out of my skull so I'm watching "Criminal Minds" for the first time ever, figuring if this high-stakes episode can't hook me, I can officially write it off without a second thought. 

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