September 25th, 2008


I'm a little distracted right now.

(replying to'll happen soonish) 

I CANNOT EVEN CONCENTRATE ON SURVIVOR RIGHT NOW.  The plan was to watch the Survivor premiere, all 2 hours of it, get some of my huge pile of French homework done, and then get Office later with fewer commercials.  Except clearly that's not going to happen, and I'm going to be sucked into watching the premiere live after all (oh, how the tides have turned).  And I could go watch it with my roommates, but I think the sound of their voices would just annoy me if they happened to...react in any way during Jam moments.  Only I am allowed to squeal!  Although for all I know they're the weird kind of fan who thinks Michael Scott is funny and/or the main draw of the show.

Actually, I've pretty much spent all my internet time today on either Office Tally, MTT, or a specific corner of YouTube.  Discussion time!

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