September 26th, 2008


Ohhhhhhhhhhh kay, slowly coming down from dizzying high.

Mostly by the realization that I have to read, like, 60 more pages of a French novel (which is clearly INSANE, but also my own fault for skipping the homework like...3 days in a row) and then do the assignments.  Which are relatively less hardcore evil this time; a 1-page summary of what's happened followed by a 1-page translation of some passage I find important, but STILL.

Stupid obscure Letters from a Peruvian Woman, which our library does not have, which I was not smart enough to immediately order via ILL, and which apparently doesn't even exist as an eBook even though by this point I am so desperate I would actually buy a download.  This would not be half so evil if I could read it in English.  Instead it's going to be probably 8 hours of work versus 3, depending how distracted I get.

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