October 1st, 2008


Happy October!

1. Rejoice!  The Month of Evil (school starting = anxiety attacks = evil) is over; now comes the time we rejoice in fall colors and the resplendent month that truly embodies autumn, the calm interim where you've settled into school but aren't burdened with end-of-term stress yet.  In honor of this day, have the first MP3 I ever downloaded, still quite possibly my favorite concert band song ever, Eric Whitacre's...October.

2. I really need to stop discovering stuff like this when I've gotten up early with the express purpose of doing homework (which is due later that day), but...HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THE SECOND DELETED SCENE FROM THE OFFICE PREMIERE UNTIL NOW? 

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3. Also, the class schedule for next spring just went up, and I am a FLAMING BALL OF JEALOUSY that I won't be here to take these spectacular English courses:

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4. I literally have like 4 in-progress drafts of various shows (I really want to be writing about The Office right now; instead I'm - ostensibly - creating a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation on the role of the governess in 19th century England.  Which ostensibly should have been fun, but of course I left it until the last minute and now I'm stressing). 

I can't concentrate long enough to finish any of them, because I feel guilty and stop doing them to work on homework, only to start a different one - and I slept through TV last night (as well as a speaker I was supposed to go see, because damn it, I was exhausted), but you might as well have the only one I've finished because it's short.   

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Wanted: Icon Skillz

I need a Numb3rs icon, and clearly only one particular type will suffice.  However, I've noticed Charlie/Amita icons are extraordinarily hard to find.  With that in mind, I determined for myself - several months ago - exactly what I wanted for my necessary Numb3rs icon.  Finally took the screencap, resized it to the best of my feeble abilities, and even fought with it for several hours in Photoshop, only to end up with an image that inevitably looked grainier and shoddier than the original until I was frustrated beyond belief.  I clearly do not possess the necessary talent for making icons. 

Therefore, what I shall do instead is post the original screencap, show you my best attempts at turning it into an icon, and ask if one of you can recreate the image while keeping the resolution sharp and...not like something created in Paint.  Alternatively, I keep looking at the icon and comparing it to others and wondering if it's passable as-is, but then I keep thinking 'no, no, there's got to be a way to make it crisper.  OR IS THERE?'

I don't know anymore.  I just want to be able to put the stupid thing in rotation already!  I have had it saved on my computer for ALMOST A YEAR.

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