October 2nd, 2008

Luby Love

There is no order, rhyme, or reason here at all.

1. I was introduced to the XKCD comic strip last weekend, and spent way too long clicking through the archives, but as a longtime mocker of literary theory/criticism, this particular one MAKES MY LIFE.  I cannot stop giggling hysterically, and my mom got a good chuckle out of it too.  Meanwhile, I've printed out a few copies and stuck them on notebooks and folders so I can carry the hilarity around everywhere to show people.

2. I'm not watching The Mentalist because every time I see a preview, he strikes me as a smug, cocky asshole I'd like to punch in the face.  I just wanted to put that thought out there. 

3. Meanwhile, I have to confess that I watched Worst Week on Monday night out of boredom while waiting for CSI: Miami to start.  I TRIED TO RESIST, I DID.  I even had Survivor playing on my computer!  But then I...couldn't resist Kurtwood Smith.  Or the pretty lead female.  Or the birds, or the German Shepherd.  And even though I kept being annoyed by the premise of this show, because its pride in being unbelievably unrealistic in terms of how many bad things can happen to one person starts to detract from the funny, the last scene totally got to me.  The banter!!
"Good, I see you've got a big enough sandwich then."
"You shut up, I'm pregnant."
And somehow it seemed like very...Jim-Pam-esque banter.  And I kind of found it adorable, in a way where I don't know if I'll make a specific point of watching it again, but I might end up not-resisting it in the future.  Damn you, CBS comedies!  Stop pulling me in with your luring ways! 

While you're at it, would you consider bringing New Adventures of Old Christine back to Mondays and banishing Two and a Half Men, or at least Big Bang Theory, to the Wednesday Gladiator Arena?  Because I hate those two, and I miss NAOC, but I don't miss NAOC enough to sacrifice other shows to watch it, nor to track it down on my own.  So it would be nice if I had the "convenient timeslot" excuse to watch it.  
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