October 12th, 2008


Start with the week's bookends and work towards the middle?

Why does the Rich Text Editor now do funky things with my LJ-cut stuff? I don't appreciate having every line individually outlined with the gray background! It's very choppy and makes me feel like I'm playing with magnetic poetry! I hate using the HTML editor because the font is awful, even if you don't factor in the cluttered-up tags and the lack of formatting (look, when your posts are as long as mine are, you need to be able to see formatting while you work, or you sink into despair), and if you force me to use it, so help me God...and it's screwing up on both Firefox and IE, so I can't even blame the browser. :(

The Office: Business Ethics

It's a good thing that knowing what I did - from having bled the internet dry of every spoiler I could get my hands on for this episode - I wasn't expecting much.

(Because the cold open contained 90% of all the good)
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CSI: Miami: 7x03, "And How Does That Make You Kill?"
I will give them props for having titles outlandish & laughable enough to match the episodes they accompany.
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Numb3rs: 5.02, "Decoy Effect"

True fact: last week's premiere was so boring that I COULD NOT EVEN GET THROUGH THE RECAP. About four paragraphs in, I just gave up and stuck to the captioned pictures. This week...was only marginally better.

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