October 20th, 2008


"You're such hard work!" / "But worth it."

(An appropriate description of how I feel about reviews like this one, I think.  I am already quite attached to tonight's ramblings & know I'll enjoy looking back on this in the future.)

My Monday afternoon sucked marginally less, as I found a (full size) Kit Kat bar waiting for me at the other part of my job. Splitting my work between two dorms: unexpectedly beneficial sometimes! It made up for the part where I picked up what I thought was a big leaf that wouldn't suck properly into the vacuum hose, only to drop it in disgust after realizing it was a half-smoked cigar. Honestly. Who even smokes cigars, much less leaves them lying around in the hallway?

And then, because 5-7 PM is still sort of a twilighty time where I don't have to feel guilty about not starting my homework yet, I went ahead and watched my last straggling episode from last week:

CSI, 9x02, "The Happy Place"
What has three plots, only one of which is interesting? THIS SHOW! Someday I'm going to kidnap a CSI writer just to ask how they can have an amazing episode one week and a stultifyingly boring one the next. Is writing a good script just that exhausting that they have to take really long naps and let the interns take over occasionally? --Annie

Having seen that on Recapist's front page when I went to check for something else, in combination with having seen the final scene when the episode aired, I did not exactly have high hopes. But wouldn't you know it, in actuality it's yet another example of this show being awesome when it has no right to be. Stop doing that! By which I mean "please continue surprising me like this forever."

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In other news, I had two extremely amusing encounters with squirrels today. In the first one, I was walking up to a building when suddenly a big gray shot up out of the trash can, running away with a large chunk of cinnamon roll still half-wrapped in plastic. It was actually bigger than his head, and the plastic flapped along the ground as he bounded into the cover of some nearby bushes. Hilarious.

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