October 30th, 2008


Trying to calm down. Trying to calm down. Trying to calm down.

Can't respond to comments yet. I also probably shouldn't watch Pushing Daisies right now. I want to, but it will probably just whip the rage right back up. It tends to do that, despite being wrapped in a deceptive package of brightly colored joy. Instead I will use my blissed-out icon and devote the next hour or so to nice things.

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Hell, is now 1:00 AM.  Should probably get back to my research.  I'm just so bored  by French artists...and really this should not be hard, since I only have to give a 4-minute biography; my partner's covering the even more boring discussion of her art...and yet.  Cannot.  Focus.  I have six tabs open with sufficient information between them that I basically just have to organize and translate into French...I just don't want to, you know, do anything productive with it. 
Ninja Kitty


While I make no promises, I may have gotten to take out a significant portion of my rage on scrubbing outdoor windows for over three hours today in lieu of my usual work duties.  I've never gotten to do this before and we weren't sure I was ever going to be asked to do it all this semester.  The timing was sort of phenomenal.  YAY UNEXPECTED SUNSHINEY DAY.

I shouldn't have done that.

Deliberately put myself to bed at 5:15 so I would sleep through The Office.  Ordered self not to watch it until tomorrow afternoon.  Planned to put it on the Sansa for this purpose.  Made mistake of fetching it early, thinking to get that part out of the way.  Lasted until 10:17 PM before cracking, caving, and watching it.  Neeeeeeeeded Halpert Family Scenes.

End result: I couldn't concentrate on anything beyond said scenes, and was prone to skipping and fast-forwarding, yet was overwhelmed by the general AWESOMENESS of everything and frustrated that I couldn't care about anything else in the face of Jim & Pam being in the same physical space.

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EDIT: And now somehow my essay about "the greatest barriers to financial stability for dual-income families with young children" (I quote from the assignment sheet) has turned into...me reading angsty, angsty, tear-inducing angst stories about the future Mr. & Mrs. Halpert.  I've covered cancer, death, miscarriages & infant death so far, to name a few.  Emotionally torturing myself is apparently a new hobby of mine.