November 6th, 2008


DO NOT WANT. (brought to you by LJ News)

Give me back my old profile page, please.  Or at least warn before you yank it away so I can take a screenshot.  I passionately hate the little expand/collapsible arrows.  I know they're all open by default, but somehow, they tick me off.  Also, people do not need to know right up top how many memories and tags and entries and other things I have (whoa, I'm hating on statistics?  Now I'm just being contrary, aren't I) - the thing is, I like that information being there, but NOT UP TOP. 

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In other news, I decided that after work I would shuffle to the sophomore dorms in hopes of not getting all ~*distracted*~ by either the delightful combo joy of TV + my own computer, or the horrible state of my messy room.  Have homework to do and stuff.  Instead it resulted in me reading the next chunk of Great Expectations and then - because I'd made the mistake of bringing my blanket for when it got super-cold after 2 AM - because the early evening twilight and lull of reading had made my eyes droop, slowly letting the book drop and curling up to occasionally-interrupted sleep on the lounge loveseat for the next 4 hours.

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