November 8th, 2008


And I wasn't even crabby when I started

1. Regarding the last CSI episode:
Collapse )

The end result is that I think I might just go ahead and drop this show permanently.   Forget trying to make it Christmas unspoiled and then catching up, maybe I'll just follow recaps and/or stop actively caring.  And here I thought this would be the one show I'd never leave, no matter what...
2. Pretty sure that I refuse to write anything else about The Office this week.  It's a shame, because I just have this massive Notepad document full of glee and hilarity prior to the 19-minute mark, but because of the ending I refuse to acknowledge anything worth commending about the episode as a whole.  The more the internet praises it as being one of the best episodes ever, the harder I dig in my stubbon heels. 

3. Going to go improve my mood by finishing off that Lost ficlet.  Except that now I'm getting all distracted by watching the episode it's a post-ep for (4.02, Confirmed Dead).  And when I went to go check the post where I originally launched this idea, to see if there were any lines I could borrow, I just ended up getting further distracted by how pleased I am with my review of that episode.  The meta is excellent.  In a way that's impossible to work into the fic, of course.  Sigh.  No!  Will not write a third (to be added to the beginning) missing scene to incorporate it!  Noooo, I'm sick of this fic writing itself backwards... 

4. Dear flist: please post more today. I require further entertainment.


1. Working on a story, have a question concerning the following line:

Sarah rolls her eyes, debates pointing out that rated-R movies sometimes come very close to porn, and then thinks about her chances for renting (insert film here) in the near future.

Keeping in mind that the story is set in early 2008 (January or February, I think), what R-rated movie might a typical 13-year-old girl be interested in seeing that she hasn't already seen? After scanning Wikipedia, the only thing I could come up with was "Knocked Up," but...does that work? Or is there a much better suggestion I'm not thinking of? Now that I think about it, I suppose given her age that opens up a whole world of older movies she probably hasn't seen yet, but...I am not well versed in cinema! Also, I avoid movies rated R like the plague! (which I think makes me an anomaly) So you can see where I'm having difficulties.

(oh, also, this particular girl has just proclaimed disinterest in the Austen remakes on PBS because "Jane Austen's kind of boring," so I'd imagine period pieces wouldn't be her thing either.)

2. Speaking of 12-to-13-year-old girls, er, for those of you who went to school dances in middle school, especially with groups of friends...what did you do?  What made them fun?  I always flatly refused to attend such tomfoolery, so I have no experience at all.  Well, I did go to one in 7th grade because my mom made me, but I spent the whole time with my arms crossed in a corner, hating the loud music and glaring at people running around with no inhibition whatsoever, so...I need a fresher and more positive perspective.  
(This question is story-related, too...same character, different fic.)

3. What's a nice rural area of Wisconsin?  Sarah's grandparents live out in the country with horses, and I'm trying to figure out a middle school I can have her attend there, so I need some sort of city name (or, well, not city, but you know what I mean).  You'd think I'd be perfectly qualified to figure this out on my own, but no.  I want help if possible.