November 10th, 2008


Oh, WMP. Never missing a chance to be CRUELLY IRONIC.

Watch her as she flew, deep within the blue
Watch her as she slips away from you

It's playing "Annie" right now, because I swear the damn thing knows I'm in the middle of crying over one of the cancer-death fics in my binder.  And the Media Player's mission in life, whenever I dare to put it on "shuffle," is to hilariously do its best to match the theme of whatever I'm working on, particularly if that thing is sad, to exacerbate my emotions.  So I guess I'm putting the fic rec post on hiatus for the time being.  (oh, did I not include that on the homework list?  Whatever, I'm pulling an all-nighter, I have time).

In a completely unrelated note, I found the binder where I stashed all the printed fic of my own writing after I moved it out of the main one, and...a lot of it is surprisingly palatable!  I get so bogged down by my embarassed hatred of....whatever I called that horrible/self-indulgent H/Y fic, and "Suicide Girl" (and a few other things, like the last lines of "Hollow," but those two are the biggest offenders) that I forget how a lot of the other stories in my cache are actually pretty decent.  My pair of NCIS fics, for example.  I dared to play with dialogue and most of the lines still seem to ring true.  I'm newly impressed with the word art in my O.C. fics that nobody ever cared about, especially Summer's.  I'm fonder than I remember of Moonlight in Brazil.  Etc, etc.

And, and...OK, I have always been far too embarrassed to post this meme before, because I'm pretty sure I do not command anywhere near the talent or the popularity to pull it off, but...I've always secretly kind of wanted to?  And now that I've overcome my fears and read stories I've avoided for months upon months, and know I will not die from it, I'm going to take a risk and do it:

Request any fic of mine and I will provide you with a commentary/annotations, like a DVD extra.  Said fic is all housed here.  There should be at least a dozen perfectly viable things from among that batch...

P.S. I will in no way be offended if no one comments, and possibly will bury this post with all possible haste to distract you from doing so in the first place.