November 13th, 2008


Ficcing joys!

I am pleased with this.  Really and truly pleased, in a way where it might be one of those rare fics I can actually read again in the future (not like Q&P.  Q&P already embarasses me).  I'm a little leery because the first two paragraphs just got written the day of posting, whereas I've been playing with everything else for quite some time, but...I have a new stripe in my ficcing rainbow of fandoms! 

Fandom: Lost
Title: Close Your Eyes and See
Summary: Two scenes with Alex in the aftermath of Ben's near-execution (4.02).  Because there needs to be way more Alex/Karl and/or Alex fic in general, darn it.
Word Count: 1065  
Rating: K+

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Actually, surprise, I have two new stripes!

Fandom: ER
Title: Lost in Austen
Summary: Bonding over an unexpected viewing choice: Tony, Sarah, sarcasm, and a cozy night on the couch. Set in the middle of season 14. Warning: may produce excess fuzzies.
Word Count: 650
Rating: K
Note #1: The viewing choice is not "Lost in Austen," the series.  Let me just spoil that for you right now.  However, I thought I was terribly clever in using that title because, well, they do.  Get lost, in a drowsily-watching sort of way, in one of the remakes of Austen's novels.  Whatever. 
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And now, making good on one DVD-style Fic Commentary request!  I hope I did it right.  I realized after posting the meme that I wasn't really sure how to go about it, so I looked up a few other examples to get me started.

Per lieueitak:


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Man, it is now 2 AM, and I'm torn between staying awake for 6 hours, working early, and then fitting in a 4-hour nap before class, or calling in to say I'll work tomorrow afternoon, and then sleep for a maximum of 11 hours.  I mean, if I'm going to sleep, I should really stockpile it for tomorrow's proposed all-nighter, but I'm feeling pretty JAZZED UP right now and I think I could stay up and read for a while.  But I don't know if I can go all night. Mumblety...maybe I'll read until I get tired, call in just in case, and set my alarm for 7:30 and see how I feel then. 


Crap, it's time for a new Office episode already, isn't it?

OK.  So after careful reflection, I have decided to write a list of thoughts I've had about "Customer Survey" after all, carefully mostly skirting the whole Gosh-I-Hate-Pam issue, because I've watched it something like 5 times since it aired.  There's just a terrible, horrible black mark on it, thanks to the ending, that prevents me from admitting it was mostly good or endorsing it as a good episode in any way.  (The internet has exploded in flaily love, for example, and that makes me angry.  You can't celebrate an episode with such a crappy ending.) 

But.  If I were to pretend that Pam had been officially more-or-less written off the show and Jim were, I don't know, happily dating Katy off-screen while Pam was married to Roy and this was one of those old rare angst-free "we're-just-friends" episodes, here is what I might say about it (in no particular order):

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