November 14th, 2008



DID I JUST SEE A DANNY/ELENA PREVIEW FOR WITHOUT A TRACE?! My TV was on mute! I'm waiting for Numb3rs while doing actual homework (on Friday night!), and I was ignoring the umpteenth probably-misleading preview for CSI: Miami, AND SUDDENLY I SAW FLASHES OF DANNY AND ELENA AND SOMETHING ABOUT PERSONAL LIFE? What??

Have they switched to pimping old reruns, or have they actually decided to revive this relationship out of nowhere after like a solid year and a half of completely ignoring it? Or did I hallucinate this out of missing-person scenes and just transplant my desire onto something completely unrelated? SOMEONE TELL ME BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW.


*has a sudden and urgent need to get back into this show ASAP* Apparently, the shipping tide is slowly turning back in my favor. I hope. They didn't remember this relationship just to definitively end it, did they? Because that would make me sad.

*slightly calms down*

"Doing actual homework" steadily devolved into "watching A Knight's Tale and playing computer games," which...when I descend into computer-game territory, that is more or less the height of ultimate time-wasting.  If I'm not going to be productive, then I should at least be quasi-productive, which means updating LJ with fandomy things.

For example, a number of you will be pleased to know that my half of the room in Capstone devoted ten solid minutes before class today to erupting in flailing love for "WIshbone."  It all started when Stef bemoaned having 200 pages of Great Expectations to finish this weekend (Me: "It's actually more like 160 pages.  Don't you feel better now?"), and someone else said we should just watch the Wishbone version.  From there it snowballed as more people came in, heard the chatter, and were like "DUDE!  Are you talking about Wishbone??" until we were all but yelling over one another with excitement as we shared our favorite episodes, fun titles, and other assorted joy from childhood, like the awesome time one girl got to see the dog live when he came to the area on tour. 

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Also, the last 20 minutes of my French class were devoted (per one student's suggestion) to a debate over whether the two main characters in The Black City were or were not destined to end up together in the end.  It got SHOUTY, man - awesomely, because my classmates are ridiculously brilliant, and there is nothing greater than seeing college kids get all worked up, even in mostly good humor, in French - and the room is violently split in half on what should happen.  I'm in the "true love prevails" camp, because I'm shippy that way and also I'd already looked up how it ended.  But now we've actually continued the debate in e-mail  (although we've switched to English now).  It looks like this so far, starting with a random letter out of the blue:

#1: Hey Guys- This book is killing me!! They have to end up together....
#3: If they end up together, I'll jump in the lake.  Seriously.
#4: Well now I hope they end up together just to see you freeze your butt off...

Sometimes I don't appreciate college enough.  :P 

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