November 24th, 2008


Some questions, thoughts, & linkage, + a teeney tiny (*snort giggle*) review.

-Aww, "Holiday in Handcuffs" was on last night and you'd better believe I watched every second. I love this movie. I think it might possibly be turning into a new Christmas classic for me.

-Why is it that the harder you try to keep a wagon train alive in Oregon Trail, the faster they succumb to disease? I swear, when I name the members of my party after favorite characters and get invested in their fate, and spend painstakingly long minutes haggling and trading to get the maximum amount of food for the minimum price, and make sure everything's stocked and carefully planned out, chances are extremely high that someone will keel over and die for no reason before I even get to the Big Blue River.  Whereas if I do a "quick start" game and focus on nothing but hunting, pushing them 12+ hours a day, they're liable to make it at least two or three hundred miles before one of them so much as catches a cold. WHY IS THIS?  I feel like there should be a graph on GraphJam explaining the odd correlation here.

(Why yes, is my newest obsession.  The lulz are many and endless, and thank you afteriwake</lj> for bringing it to my attention)

The Office: 5x09, "Frame Toby"

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Up Next
-Still flailing with ridiculous excitement for the producer's cut on Tues...tomorrow!  Producer's cut tomorrow, YIPPEE!  WIth my luck it will be like three minutes of new material, divided evenly between Michael and Andy, but a girl can hope for good things!

-In case that + the first websiode aren't enough to tide you over during the supposed drought of Thanksgiving week, may I direct your attention to a Special New Episode?  "Sleepover."  

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Hodgepodge, mostly behind schedule

I. Hey, guess what?  Twilight in Fifteen Minutes is up!  Having read this, of course, I desperately want to see the movie, but I have strict rules about seeing movies like that without reading the books first, and...well, that just gets us into the old conundrum.  The parody is fantastic even on its own, though.  I highly recommend it.

II. And now for a heaping helping of reviews for the TV I finally got caught up on at the end of last week (is Thanksgiving break time, basically!  Am allowed!  Oh God so much to do next week...).  It feels so nice to talk about regular run-of-the-mill TV.  I feel like it's been ages since I did that.  And in fact, *checks tags*, it has been 10 days since anything except The Office got mentioned.  NO WONDER.

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Pushing Daisies: 2x06, Magical Nonsense (my self-titling is often indicative of how I feel about any given episode)
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P.S. I love this post about the cancellation.  Best attitude I've seen yet:  "ABC cancels Pushing Daisies and I hate everyone."
(way to go, author!  Take Bryan Fuller to task like he deserves!)

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ER: 15x08, "The Age of Innocence"
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Seriously, I have more.  But I figure I should probably coast to a stopping point for now.  Partly because I'm going home in about 18 hours and I haven't even picked up my room, much less packed or done my scant but still existent bit of homework for tomorrow or anything.