December 3rd, 2008



A) I am going to punch my classmates in the head.  They voted to have the final on the last day of class rather than finals week.
B) THERE IS A TAKE-HOME ESSAY PORTION OF IT!  (Due in class the day of the test)  Effing hell!  I do not have time for this BS!  Especially in the middle of next week! 
C) Upon going to Capstone today, found out that in the wake of the essay being due, I totally forgot about the other novel we were supposed to read.  As did a few other people, and there are only 13 of us to begin with.  She got kind of pissed at us since she'd already canceled class on Monday and now we only have one day left to discuss the novel.
D) This does not prevent her from assigning YET ANOTHER ESSAY.  The hell, woman.  I already have a presentation and the massive revision of my research paper to do for you.
D and a half) I have so much sh#t to complete in the next two weeks that I can't even bear writing it all down anymore, because I'm legitimately scared there are not enough hours in the days to do them all.  *sticks head under sand again*

Non-Sucky Things:
E) Got the sociology presentation prepped, and it only took us about an hour.  Proactive/energetic group members rock!
F) One of my friends unexpectedly sent me a care package full of chocolate!  *loves*
G) I got an extra half hour at work today.  Even tiny amounts of extra pay (i.e. "$4") are exciting!
H) I think I have an idea for my Dickens paper?  Maybe?  I am torn between wanting to pull my all-nighter tonight, and hope writing it early works for me like it worked for  the Capstone paper, and fearing that I will stay up all night but still not get it done because my brain knows it isn't due yet, and then be Well and Royally Screwed when I helplessly crash for 12+ hours tomorrow.  
I) I filled out a meme, because that's apparently what I do now when I'm stressed and can't afford to watch TV*.  
* = I may or may not subvert this rule by watching trash on MTV/VH1 and any interesting reruns I can find (NCIS!  House!), on the grounds that since I don't feel compelled to talk about them afterwards, I am actually multi-tasking and not wasting time.

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P.S. Want to know something random?  From the file of "DUH" moments: all my life, I have wrong about the lyric that goes The first Noel/the angel did say/Was to certain poor shepherds in fields where they lay
For some reason, I always assumed that "certain" was used as a verb in this song, meaning "to soothe/reassure," or to make them certain.  I have no idea why; child brains work in strange ways.  It only hit me JUST TODAY that it means, you know, what it usually means.  A specification, as in he was talking to some particular shepherds and not just random shepherds in general.  Er, that is what it means, right?

...WHOA, I just blew my mind again by realizing that the first two lines are all one phrase, as in "The first time the angel said 'Noel.'"  I always thought, like, there was a colon-like pause.  Like Noel meant Christmas, and so what happened on the first Christmas: the angel said something.  Something other than "noel."

Children should be made to analyze Christmas lyrics before they mindlessly memorize them, is the lesson here.