December 5th, 2008


Drive-by update-y post!

DONE DONE DONE!  HAH!  And class isn't for 40 minutes, and I was 98% done an hour ago anyway!  “Power Imbalance and Inequality in Marriage: A Social Critique.”  1250 words, really about 6 or 7 lines shy of four solid pages but we’re going to call it “thoroughly on page 4” and therefore within the length requirement, which was defined as 4-5 pages or 1200-1500 words .  How many times did I say some variation of ‘equal’ in this paper?  *counts* Seven, including the title.  I feel like I should edit some o’ that, but since it’s technically three different words…yeah, let’s just go.  I want to be done in an official capacity.

Final sentence hammered into place was the second of the following: She further chastises herself for any time she is not “thankful and submissive” in her thoughts – a far cry from her declaration, once upon a time, that “[I did] very well when I wasn’t interfered with!” (61).  In the end, her inability to define herself outside subservience to another causes her collapse ON HERSELF LIKE A DYING STAR!! 

(Dude, it’s simply not a quality paper until I’ve restrained myself from sticking something fandom-y in there.  And see, after like a month of playing “Dunder and Dwightning” I just heard that line in the ending jumble last week, and now it stands out to me like nothing else, so now it gets stuck in my head.  A lot.)


Dear Our Mutual Friend: I apologize for hating on you those first two or three hundred pages.  You’ve gotten pretty awesome and exciting lately, and I may have muted a squeal and shivered with joy in my seat on the bus when

Collapse )
Dear The Hungry Tide: Because Dickens is way more awesome than you, I still haven’t opened your cover even though I’m supposed to have finished you by 1:00 PM. No love, Me.   
*is reading detailed reviews in lieu of reading entire book in 30 minutes*  WAIT, WHAT?  WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS BOOKS WAS FULL OF TIGERS AND WILDLIFE AND STUFF?  I got so bored by the first page that I kept falling asleep!  Stupid clothbound hardcover copy, which normally is a type I find awesome but not in this case when it means I get no summary and just assume it's a stupid book about political crap in India like everything else we've read!  Drat it, I would have made more time for this on Wednesday night if I'd know that!    *is already plotting essay in which she will discuss the tigers at great length*