December 10th, 2008


Ausiello spoilers!

*madly dodges all the news from Grey's Anatomy*  *forgets to dodge House*  Dammit!  I've been doing so well on that one...oh, here's something I can read.
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Also, WTF is going on at NBC? Not that I'm strictly opposed to them magically finding a way to keep delivering Leno to me; I'm totally cool with that because I'm still cranky Conan is moving up in the world. But what is this nonsense I just started hearing about Law & Order: SVU possibly ending this year? That...makes me sad. I've had a nice few years of coasting along in a world where venerable crime dramas are untouchable where axes are concerned, and it's very jolting to be confronted with something otherwise.

In totally unrelated news, my PowerPoint is going terribly, because I keep getting distracted by wanting to work on the paper instead, and then being like "NO!  MUST CONDENSE.  Paper = Friday.  Presentation = in 12 hours."  And then I don't really...accomplish much of anything.  Which is bad, because I have like 3 times as much work due Thursday, and so I need to be done with this, now-ish.  I mean, I know the basic outline of what I want to say, but I can't seem to force myself to condense it into slide format and/or translate it from paper-speak to presentation-speak.