December 24th, 2008


In which we play CSI: Miami catch-up

*violently recoils from first sight of Horatio*  Ugh, I've just been watching good investigative teams for like 3 days straight.  The instant sharp contrast is...I have no words. This is why I hate skipping episodes of this show; the longer I stay away, the harder it is to readjust and master those feelings of wanting to hit Horatio with a 2x4. 

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Hah!  Now I only have 43 backlogged episodes (across 6 shows) to go!

Christmas cheer! By which I mostly mean materialism. Materialism, yaaaaay!

First, I should probably wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  There are some other holidays this month, but they are not taking place today/tomorrow, so I'm going to choose logic over political correctness at this time.  In a related note, my flist brings tidings of comfort and joy to me year-round, but today's the day I declare it a public sort of way.  You're all delightful, and I hope you're having a lovely holiday, or a general lovely Thursday/Friday. 

Second, if I haven't previously mentioned it, we open presents on Christmas Eve because my parents still like to put out a few "Santa" gifts plus stuffed stockings for morning.  I've declared this year to be the rip-roaringest Best Christmas Ever, in part because everyone (sometimes unintentionally!) got a gag gift along with their regular ones.  For example:

Mom: My brother borrowed a pair of my mittens and tied a length of yarn around them, to demonstrate that since she's always losing her gloves, she can put these through her sleeves and always have them attached to her coat. 

Dad: Is obsessed with Shrek, so in a discount bin, Mom found a figurine set of Shrek, the Donkey, and Puss in Boots.  It's maybe a little bit scary how much he loved them.

Kyle: Was regifted a free promotional item (a pen that lights up when you push a button) that's been in one of our kitchen drawers for like, 5 years.  (Kyle: "Wait a minute, you already HAD this pen."  Mom: "But now it's yours!")

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