December 30th, 2008


Drama. So much drama.

Hey, winter, I'm over this Ice Capades business.  Could you either have another thaw or dump some more snow on the ground?  Ugh.  One day of warmth took away much of fluffy pre-Christmas snow we'd accumulated, and then all the slush permanently froze over so that the streets are quite literally made of ice.  3 days in a row my dog and I have been confined to our immediate neighborhood, because the sidewalks are ice chutes and the only safe place to walk is on our side streets, which are mostly empty and allow us to walk on the packed snow formed by tire tracks. 

Even so, there's been plenty of slipping and sliding, and her nails have left scratches on icy patches all over the place.  We're getting quite a workout just trying to stay upright, and constantly looking over my shoulder to check for cars is getting old.  Taking her outside after meals is lots of fun too (not), navigating the iced-over rock path that leads to her chain.  So, either prolonged thaw or snowflakes; I'm really not fussy.  Just fix this nonsense.
CSI: NY: 5x09, "The Box"

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In other news, I spent the evening falling in love with Natalie Merchant's "My Skin," which I probably should not have done right after downing another disc of The Office, season 2, a.k.a. "The One You Thought Was Happy And Fun, But Which Was Actually WAY MORE ANGST-PACKED THAN YOU REMEMBER."  *is driven to (re)read fic and cannot stop sniffling*  Stupid haunting songs.

On the bright side, watching that season makes me appreciate how how being ticked off at Pam and her art school fiasco is way, way better than watching the pair of them make passive-aggressive swipes out of frustration.  Although the latter is still better than watching Jim come within a hundred feet of Karen.

Woohoo, only 4 more stockpiled shows to go!

Dear winter: Good, you're on the right track, now keep snowing.  Snow more than the two inches that were on the ground when we went out, because otherwise all the snow does is make it so I can't see the ice I'm slipping on.  And/or make my dog mistakenly believe it's all right to start trotting again.

CSI: NY, 5x10, "The Triangle"
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5x11, "Forbidden Fruit"
I feel certain they could have come up with a better title for this one.  Maybe something along the lines of "525,600 Plotlines."

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P.S. Dear Television Gods: THERE ARE OTHER NIGHTS OF THE WEEK BESIDES THURSDAY. I JUST THOUGHT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO KNOW THAT. Maybe if you did, my spring semester wouldn't have Survivor, The Office, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Bones, and ER all airing on the same night.  As in 7 shows. Anybody here able to beat that?

*carefully wades into CSI*

Noooo, don't wanna!  Don't wanna go back to that world with New Girl and Lady Heather and LAURENCE FISHBURNE and saaaaaaad!  *sobs* Thanks to the fact that I've been wildly slapping the mute button every time a CSI promo comes on lately, I've been doing remarkably well on not knowing what's going on in that world, and it's been working for me to just stop the series after "The Happy Place."  If I had a modicum of sense, I wouldn't go back to it at all, and I would permanently stop where I am.  Really, I am sorely, sorely tempted to do that.

Damn my incessant curiosity.

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Yeah, I can't, I just can't.  I gave serious consideration to watching Leave Out All the Rest to see if I had anything further to talk about, but after cueing it up I find that I absolutely cannot stomach another round of Lady Heather.  The first few appearances were plenty for me - I never did see more than scattered channel-flipping clips of Pirates of the Third Reich - and I see no need to change that. 

I'll read the recap and watch the extended 70-second promo again, but that's all I'm going to subject myself to before I return to a place of denial about the Sara video messages.  I'll use the remaining thirty minutes of the forty allotted to watching this ep to set myself up for disappointment by envisioning possible scenarios in which this fiasco could end happily.  

*reads recap*  Frick.  Newly hopeless, and I hate everyone again.

Bed/9x06 time now.