January 1st, 2009


Happy New Year!

Good grief, y'all have been talkative in the past 24 hours.  I'm afraid I'll have to put you on hold and write my post first, then we'll see about the flist. 

Firstly, I have to admit that while the news has been very doom and gloom about how 2008 was terrible and economic downturn and all that...personally, 2008 was pretty fantastic to me.  Awesome TV, wonderfully ridiculous numbers of new books, Dean's List, full-time summer employment and the best class of my life.  I don't want the year to ennnnnnnnnd!!  2009 has so much more potential to suck!

New Year's Eve was OK, if low-key; my parents and I watched The Office until 11:15 when didn't want to risk missing midnight while watching the longer finale, and played Farkle until it was time to count down.  Collapse )

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Now my very favorite year-end meme, which nobody else did last year (probably because it involves manual counting, even though The Calendar makes it easier, or maybe because it doesn't have directions or an easy form), but which I will continue to do because I adore data: 
Year-End Posting Tallies

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Random Question: I just watched the "Joy" episode of House, and it broke my heart.  Is the fact that the pre-Christmas episode's called "Joy to the World," um, significant for any Cuddy-related plots?  And if so, in a good way or a bad way?  Let's continue to be very vague about this because it's still several episodes away and I'm dodging spoilers, but I need a mindset.
Lastly, I have a poll: I've got 2 shows left after House, and I can't decide which one I want to start with.  There are got 8 episodes of Private Practice and 6 of Grey's Anatomy...the former used to air first in the week, but when it comes back it'll be on the schedule after GA.  I have equal amounts of investment in them.  Everyone should answer this regardless of whether or not you watch them; I need numbers to tell me what to do. 

Poll #1323876 Shondaland

Which one should I tackle first?

Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy
Both simultaneously - pair up original air dates.