January 8th, 2009

Pushing Daisies


After 19 days, I have emerged victorious and conquered all 60 backlogged episodes, plus a few new ones for good measure. As of this moment, I am all caught up and current with everything. Furthermore, for a bit of poetic symmetry, with Pushing Daisies I began, and with Pushing Daisies I shall end.

A. Private Practice, 2.10, "Worlds Apart"
"It's only a matter of time before Charlotte's patients see beyond the French pressed coffee and find a sea of overrated doctors with questionable ethics." Heh.

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B. Law & Order: SVU, 10x11, "Flash" (pretty sure I mixed up the title with the WaT ep...for reasons that are quite forgivable)

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C. CSI, 9x09, "19 Down..."
I remember incessant previews for this one ominously citing 12.11.08..., with me frantically stuffing my fingers in my ears all the ay, since the little cartoon version of me in my head was stamping her foot and yelling "NOOO, UNTRUE! UNTRUE!!"

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D. Pushing Daisies, 2x10, "The Norwegians"
I debated long and hard over whether I should watch this one or not.  I was finally promised closure in the finale, but it's not closure until you get to see it, and that day seems an eternity away.  Meanwhile, 2x09 had been so good, and been such a relatively low-suspense cliffhanger ending - that I was afraid to spoil the satisfying times.  Eventually, my need for poetic symmetry won out.

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E. Surveys snagged from aries11 , because I haven't done any random ones for a while.

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Samantha Spade

REFERENCE POST: Taking Stock of What Remains

Hey, remember that time I had to throw half my TV out the window starting in the latter half of October because I couldn't keep pace with both it and my classwork in the final semester of college?   Well, here's the Tally Tracking Post of how many episodes I've missed - because I fully intend to catch up on them all in as timely a manner as possible once school ends.  It will be tacked here and updated continuously until such time as I am all caught up on everything.  (shut up!  This is not a futile goal!)

The rationale for what I chucked vs. kept was haphazardly calculated from a formula involving my personal interest in the fandom + popularity among my friends vs. how bogged down I would get in writing about individual episodes + placement in the weekly airing schedule (a/k/a 'likelihood of my watching an episode live, esp. without guilt').  For example, Miami stayed active while the other CSIs did not because a) it was on an empty night right at the beginning of the week and b) it required very little emotional investment, and was easily watched, mocked, and moved on from.

By this point, I think when I do watch them, I'll be going through one show at a time rather than recreating weeks.  I am also avoiding spoilers on what I haven't seen - internet osmosis means I am often *aware* of general plot arcs and developments and casting taking place, but I like to avoid the actual details as much as possible.  Now, without further adieu...  

Cold Case: Current
How I Met Your Mother: Current
CSI: Miami: Current
NCIS: Current
House: Current
SVU: Current
Without a Trace: Current
Pushing Daisies: Current
Bones: Current
Private Practice: Current
CSI: NY: Current
The Office: Current
CSI: Current
Grey's Anatomy: Current
ER: Current
Numb3rs: Current
Secret Life of the American Teenager: Current
American Idol: Starts...somewhere after January 13, depending when I begin tuning in.
Lost: Starts January 21
Medium: Starts February 2
Survivor: Starts February 12
Torchwood: Stopped after 2x11
Doctor Who: Stopped after 4x00