January 9th, 2009


In which I remember why I should only watch Shondaland shows online.

"I think I'll watch GA/PP live tonight," I say.  "In fact, I think I'll watch it downstairs on the shiny HDTV," I say.  "It's fine if my parents watch it with me," I say.  AND THEN.  NOT SO MUCH.

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Seriously, you'd think I would at least know enough to change the channel long enough to skip the first minute of the second show, but no!  We're instantly hit full in the face with a gasping, panting couple flopping down on the bed.  Because of course, TPTB probably think that the only reason their strike-born show didn't get canceled with the rest of ABC's strike-born sacrifices is thanks to the power of their opening sex scenes.  At least, that's the only explanation I have for why every episode has to start like that. 

Private Practice, 2x11, "Contamination"
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As for "The Office: 2009 Home Theater Rewatch," the tide is beginning to turn, and I'm feeling cheerful about the third season again.  Ohhh, disc 4, you just take care of everything on hateful disc 3, don't you?  Safety Training, Product Recall, Women's Appreciation...and most importantly BEACH GAMES.  I always forget how much I love and adore you and how you just make my heart soar with pride & joy and happiness.  It's like, Pam's speech is the world's most wonderful gift all by itself, but then you also have the artfully orchestrated Andy torment!  The squealing, it is without end.  *beams*

How long until my birthday when I can ask for magical season 4, again?